After finishing my first semester lecturing at the Royal Thimphu College, I took the opportunity to explore some of the hills in the Thimphu Valley.  A two and a half hour hike brought me to Phajoding Monastery.  The scenery was spectacular as the Himalayas served as a backdrop to the rolling forested hills which are a prize of Bhutan.  In addition, Phajoding is a gateway to hidden alpine lakes, Rhododendron fields, and the Druk Path Trek which leads travellers to the Paro Valley.

In its past, Phajoding was a thriving facility serving the people of the valley, however it declined due to various reasons such as road access linking other monasteries to urban areas and a lack of funding.  However, a dedicated group of individuals have united to improve the educational and living standards of the monk body through the Phajoding Monastery Project (for more information see Currently there are 40 monks serving at the facility and government funded restoration plans are in place for a number of the buildings on the property.


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